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Dancing is a form of art, a way of expressing of people feelings, ideas. A language for indicating all kinds of emotions.

Are you interested in dancing? 

Maybe you are an enthusiastic or a big fan ….

If you really like dancing and knowing thoroughly about it, you can find different types of dancing classes for yourself in our website.

·        Theatrical dance

·        Waltz

·        Ballet

·        Cha-cha-cha (original from Cuba)

·        Tap-dancing

·        Different cultural dances such as: Indian (Hindu),Asian, Arabic, Lion dance (China)

·        Street dance

·        European  medieval dance

·        Tango

·        Rumba

·        Samba

·        Mambo

·        Quick step

·        Latin dances

·        Moon walk

·        Boogie-woogie

·        Salsa

·        Flamenco

·        Lambada

·        East coast swing

·        Country-western dances

·        Folk dance

·        Belly dance

·        Jazz dance

·        Street jazz

Let us know how you think about these classes, also feel free to write us your ideas about dancing classes.